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Polished Ammonites
Shark Remains
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Click to enlarge   Name Ptilophyllum pectinoides
  ref PLAN699
  Age Jurassic, Deltaic Series, Saltwick formation
  Size Length of frond 80mm
  location Whitby, N Yorkshire, UK
  price £ 22.95
Click to enlarge   Name Serpula sulcata (Worm tubes) Stunning
  ref SP1035
  From the classic but sadly closed pits of Scunthorpe, comes this ammonite whorl which is covered in Serpulid Worm Tubes. The detail and depth of the specimen is of fine quality. A great study specimen which is approximately 200 million years old.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias, Raricostatum Zone
  Size Size of specimen 145mm x 105mm
  location Scunthorpe, UK
  price £ 27.50
Click to enlarge   Name Palaeophis toliapicus (Sea snake) set of 4
  ref VERT725
  A set of four snake vertebrae from this classic London Clay location. Snakes are one of the most exotic animals to be found and are rare within the fossil record. A great study specimen.
  Age Eocene, London Clay
  Size Size from 18mm - 11mm
  location Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK
  price £ 19.95
Click to enlarge   Name Straparollus pentangulatus
  ref GAS341
  Age Carboniferous, Visean
  Size Size of gastropod 20mm
  location Treak Cliff, Castleton, Derbyshire, UK
  price £ 9.95
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