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Click to enlarge   Name Ichthyosaur sp.(Partial rib cage)
  ref VERT862
  A fabulous example of a partial rib cage from this popular marine reptile which swam in the seas of this area some 200 million years ago. Bone material from this iconic location is becoming increasingly rare to find thesedays. The area where this lovely specimen was collected, Mary Anning used to patrol some 200 years ago!! The detail throughout the fossil is very nice and top quality. A superb piece for the collector. Fully prepared.
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias, Obtusum Zone
  Size Size of piece 175mm x 138mmx25mm
  location Church Cliffs, Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK
  price £ 165.00
Click to enlarge   Name Phymatoceras rude (Stunning ammonite)
  ref AMM4589
  Age Jurassic, Upper Lias, Variabilis Zone
  Size Size of ammonite 96mm
  location Seavington St Mary, Somerset, UK
  price £ 195.00
Click to enlarge   Name Dorsetensia romani (OPPEL)
  ref AMM4588
  A very rare ammonite from the Oolite which has been preserved in calcite. The ammonite itself lies in the centre of a thin piece of matrix. It was discovered during a temporary exposure in 2009. A very good aquisition for the collector. Approximately 170 million years old.
  Age Jurassic, Inferior Oolite, Humphriesianum Zone
  Size Size of ammonite 24mm
  location Neither Compton, Dorset, UK
  price £ 28.95
Click to enlarge   Name Gagaticeras cf gagateum (Young & Bird)
  ref AMM4587
  Age Jurassic, Lower Lias, Oxynotum Zone
  Size Size of ammonite 39mm
  location Robin Hood's Bay, Nr Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK
  price £ 48.50
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