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Click to enlarge   Name Meyeria magna (M`Coy)
  ref ARTH256
  These well preserved almost complete lobsters are always very popular with our customers. This particular specimen which has been repaired however,shows wonderful detail throughout. A nice drawer specimen.
  Age Cretaceous, Lower Aptian, Lower Greensand
  Size Size of Lobster 64mm x 37mm
  location Atherfield, Isle of Wight, UK
  price £ 16.50
Click to enlarge   Name Eospirifer bollandensis
  ref SP1112
  Preserved matrix free, is this uncommon large Carboniferous limestone Brachiopod. There is good detail throughout the specimen and would make an ideal drawer or study specimen.
  Age Carboniferous, Visean
  Size Size of shell 81mm x 45mm
  location Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK
  price £ 22.50
Click to enlarge   Name Filholia elliptica (Very Rare Land Snail)
  ref GAS368
  Age Oligocene, Bembridge Beds
  Size Length of Shell 60mm
  location Headon Hill, Isle of Wight
  price £ 49.50
Click to enlarge   Name Calyptraea sinensis
  ref GAS367
  This is a classic gastropod from this very well known location. These gastropods are sometimes referred to as "Mandarin's Hats" which is pretty obvious from the images. A very interesting and highly collectable fossil, one for the discerning collector.
  Age Pliocene, Coralline Crag
  Size Size of specimen 27mm x 27mm
  location Orford Castle, Suffolk, UK
  price £ 17.95
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